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I'm Jacqueline TheBest Blackman. I live in Pocola, Oklahoma/ Fort Smith,Arkansas/Norman, Oklahoma. I attend college at The University of Oklahoma. Boomer! I'm a bit different. I love horses and movies and pretty things. Tattoos are sexy and piercings are yummy. Sweet tea's the best. I'm a punky chick that still enjoys country shit. I'm pretty funny and I use a lot of stupid words and sarcasm. I have no tolerance for bullying, what-so-ever. I'm here for anyone who needs to talk.

I just want to hang out with you.
Do goofy things and just hold your hand.
I wanna ride horses with you and watch movies with you and snuggle up to your chest.
I wanna hug you.
I wanna kiss you.

I just wanna see you.
I want you to like me

and me to like you.


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